It’s Simple, Really.

The Story.

Westgarth Woodworks was started in 2017 by me, Grant Westgarth, with the simple aim of designing and making furniture I would love to have in my own home, without it costing the earth. I wanted to indulge in the detail, in the design and in the making.

Westgarth Woodworks pieces are characterised by their simplicity, both aesthetically and in their materials, whilst exposing the traditional joinery that’s used in every piece.

Always Hand Made.

Sure, I love robots, but not in the workshop! Every piece is designed and created to order. This means that every decision is made thoughtfully, and every cut is made precisely.

With no robots!

Designed With you.

While computers don’t help build the furniture, they do a great job helping with the design. At the start of every project you’re supplied with computer renders to get a feel for the design, and I will talk you through any design changes that may help the piece’s function or form. This is the most important part of the process and I will spend as much time as needed to talk through the design and iterate until you’re happy.

It Gets Technical.

But not too technical… At the end of each design, once you’re happy, I will supply a fully dimensioned technical drawing of your piece for your approval. Here you’ll check all dimensions to make sure they fit in your space and that nothing has been missed. At this stage I will talk you though the important dimension that may not have been considered, such as storage space or door opening distances, for example.

See, It’s That Simple.

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